• Study finds supermarkets are driving a shift to Western diets in Kenya

    Moroccan home furnishings chain unveils smaller store format A paper entitled “Supermarket Shopping and Nutritional Outcomes: A Panel Data Analysis for Urban Kenya,” which was published in the journal World Development in February 2018, examined if food shopping habits in two towns in central Kenya had impacted obesity rates. It found that while “the average

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  • New malls put downward pressure on Nairobi rents

    A recently published report by Mauritius-based Grit Real Estate Income Group claims that an increase in the supply of modern retail space in Nairobi is putting downward pressure on rents. It noted that while the increased interest of international retailers in the local market has buoyed rents over recent years, “There is likely to be

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  • Uchumi looks to franchising for salvation

    We previously covered the woes of Nakumatt – but it is not the only Kenyan retailer experiencing financial difficulties at the moment. Like Nakumatt, Uchumi has a large debt (USD43 million), closed numerous branches (24 out of 40, as of July 2018) and exited the Tanzanian and Ugandan markets. Moreover, its employees are owed

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  • Decathlon set for a free run in Kenya but faces stiff competition in West Africa

    Utilising franchisees, French sportswear and equipment retailer Decathlon is rapidly expanding its store footprint in sub-Saharan Africa. Having entered the Ivorian market in 2016, it opened its first stores in South Africa, Ghana and Tunisia during 2017. In April 2018, it arrived in Egypt and is set to come to Kenya within months. Speaking to

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  • Nakumatt’s vanishing trick

    Now that a proposed merger with rival Tuskys has fallen through, beleaguered Kenyan supermarket chain Nakumatt appears doomed. Having entered voluntary administration in January, 14 landlords recently moved to evict the retailer from their premises due to mounting rent arrears. This has left Nakumatt with less than ten outlets (down from a peak of more than

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  • Sagaci insight: Shopping habits in Kenya and Nigeria

    Sagaci Research recently published studies of the purchasing habits of consumers in the capitals of two of Africa’s largest economies, focusing on FMCG, apparel, cosmetics and beauty products, household appliances, cars and consumer electronics. These reports answer such questions as How often do consumers in Lagos and Nairobi purchase various types of food, where do they purchase

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  • Sagaci Insights: SagaIncome and Socio-Demographics

    Finding accurate data on household income in Africa can be challenging due to such factors as inadequate national statistics and bouts of monetary instability. At Sagaci Research, we have leveraged our on-the-ground network, which conducts some 600,000 survey interviews annually, to create a more robust alternative – SagaIncome. Covering five of the continent´s most important cities (Accra, Dakar,

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  • Sagaci Insights: Financial Services in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

    We recently published a series of reports covering the retail banking markets in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, as well as a broader regional study covering all four countries. These provide data and insight on the penetration rates of financial products, the market for consumer credit and the competitive landscape.   What is the penetration rate of financial

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  • SagaRetail Q3 2017

    Driven by local consumption and an influx of capital, shopping malls in Africa are experimenting continuous growth. However, there is a lack of data on performance, which can create uncertainties for expansion plans. In order to bridge this information gap, we have created SagaRetail, a competitive intelligence tool benchmarking trade density across shopping malls in Africa.

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  • Sagaci Omnibus surveys keep running: don’t miss out next waves in Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria

    Sagaci Research’s Omnibus surveys continue to run across the continent. Our next wave of syndicated consumer survey reaches Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria in November. We are accepting confirmations by November 10th. Remember: The Sagaci Omnibus is a fast and cost-effective way to reach consumers in a number of countries. You define your questions, and these are

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