Modern Grocery Retail across Africa (2015 Report – first edition)

This publication provides a fact-based understanding of the modern grocery retail markets across the African continent:

  • It provides clear facts on the modern grocery retail landscape across 36 countries of the African continent
  • The publication includes country comparison in terms of modern grocery retail development: number of stores, sales, modern trade as a share of total trade,…
  • The reports highlights the most attractive countries for retail players across the continent, based on current development levels and size of the upper and middle-class population
  • Comprehensive retail players profiles are also included.


Get answers to these questions

  • Which are the most developed modern grocery retail markets in Africa?
  • What is the share of modern trade in a given country (as opposed to traditional trade)? How is modern trade developed?
  • Which markets are the most attractive across the continent (low retail density but large upper/middle-class population)?
  • Who are the leading retail players across Africa?
  • What is the current development strategy for leading retail players in Africa?
  • Which markets are very competitive? Which ones are less?


Publication Details

  • PDF Document of 29 pages
  • Published annually every October