• How do Kenyans Bank?

    The rapid adoption of mobile money has been the signature trend of the Kenyan financial-services market over the past decade. Most consumers now use mobile payments, while less than half have a debit card. Sagaci Research´s new report, ‘How do Kenyans Bank?’ which is based on findings from 1,000 face-to-face interviews, provides data on brand awareness

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  • SagaRetail Q3 2017

    Driven by local consumption and an influx of capital, shopping malls in Africa are experimenting continuous growth. However, there is a lack of data on performance, which can create uncertainties for expansion plans. In order to bridge this information gap, we have created SagaRetail, a competitive intelligence tool benchmarking trade density across shopping malls in Africa.

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  • The urban Kenyan consumer

    This is the first edition of a publication, part of our Consumer Profiles series, that provides a detailed description of the consumption behavior of households in urban Kenya, across the different income brackets, as well as key demographic data. It offers statistics and analyses on key topics including income and expenditures, equipment ownership and assets, savings

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