Data collection services

Are you designing your research and need access to quality data from the field in Africa?

Thanks to a workforce of 2.000+ trained and experienced field interviewers and our 100+ researchers and field teams we provide high-quality data across the whole continent.

As of today we have 16 offices across Africa and field presence in 20+ countries


Map of Sagaci Research offices and field presence

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A state-of the-art quality for each field research project with a six layer quality insurance mechanism leveraging IT tools and a central quality control team

  • Sampling methodology
    • Strict random selection of sampling units, proprietary random walk methodology and kish-grid
      based selection of interviewees (when relevant)
  • Training & supervision
    • Extended training on each survey (usually 2 days) to ensure appropriate understanding
    • During field work, direct supervision by experienced team coordinators
  • Telephone call-backs
    • Phone number & e-mail collected at the end of the interview
    • Surveys audited for completion and quality via random phone call-backs
  • Time stamp
    • Interviews conducted with tablet recording time stamp for each question
  • GPS coordinates
    • Interviews conducted with tablet recording precise GPS coordinates
    • Questionnaires with no location / wrong location excluded from final sample
  • Voice recording of selected questions
    • Full voice recording of selected questions and answers