New products and services: SagaCredit, pre-paid and outsourced workforce on the African continent

Sagaci Research has launched SagaCredit, a new service offering on-demand and on the ground research across 20 countries in Africa.

With SagaCredit you purchase a bundle of research hours that you use according to your requirements. Each one of your requests is managed by Sagaci Research’s country representative teams to ensure local perspective and timely delivery of results.

Whether you need to gather information on the street price of your product in 10 different markets, to contact a logistics expert in Ethiopia, to measure the impact of a new health bill in Ivory Coast or to acquire real-time pictures of traditional outlets in Senegal and Cameroon, SagaCredit is an easy solution to cover those ad-hoc and diverse needs for on the ground research.

SagaCredit allows your company to save time, ensure quality and increase flexibility. You benefit from a simple legal and billing structure (one agreement for all your requests) and around the clock service for multiple requests across the continent.

We have a launch offer running until February 28th including a free trial with 10 complimentary SagaCredits, equivalent to 10 hours of dedicated research.

For more information and to start your free trial, please contact