• The Khartoum consumer (Sudan)

    This report is part of our Consumer Profiles series covering all large cities across the African continent. It provides a detailed description of the consumption behavior of households in Khartoum, Sudan, across the different income brackets, as well as key demographic data. It offers statistics and analyses on key topics including income and expenditures, equipment ownership and assets, savings and

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  • Ad-hoc studies in agriculture

    No off-the-shelf reports are yet available on agriculture. However, feel free to reach-out to us if you have any specific need as we do have an extensive knowledge of agriculture related topics. Also, our research team as well as our field team located across Africa can support you on specific topics. Our leadership team will be

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  • Registered vehicles in Kenya and Nigeria (key statistics)

    This publication presents key facts and data on the automotive market in Kenya and Nigeria, providing an excellent overview of both markets by leveraging national statistics (when available), primary research on the field by Sagaci Research and estimates by Sagaci Research analysts when relevant.

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  • Understanding the Nigerian consumer banking scene – Our latest publication

    In our report “Consumer Banking Nigeria” released this week (Sept. 30), we explore the consumer banking scene across Nigeria’s urban areas. This highly expected report, on Africa’s largest market, provides key figures on the market and the players. Our analysis allows an in-depth understanding of how and for what Nigerians account holders use their bank and their

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  • Consumer Banking Nigeria

    In this first edition, we explore consumer banking scene, payment habits and expenses in Nigeria’s urban areas. We explore banking perception of both account and non account holders, and provide: figures on market share, positioning and a comparison on clients banking relationship and client profile among banks We go in-depth into how and for what

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  • Press Release: Potential for 15 to 20 new modern supermarkets and 5 to 10 new shopping centers in Addis Ababa between now and 2018

    PARIS, August 30th, 2013. Sagaci Research, a market intelligence firm dedicated to African markets, released this month two new reports dedicated to Ethiopia: “Grocery retail in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa focus)” and “The Addis Ababa Consumer”. These reports, leveraging extensive field research in Ethiopia for the past months, highlight an attractive and dynamic market in the

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  • The Addis Ababa consumer – Full table of content

    Below is the list of all tables and figures included in the report. Please note that most sections can be purchased individually directly below. If you want a specific page, please contact us directly by calling +33 1 84 17 07 35 or send us an e-mail at

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  • The Addis Ababa consumer

    After Kenya a few months ago, this is the second report of our Consumer Profiles series. It provides a detailed description of the consumption behavior of households in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, across the different income brackets, as well as key demographic data. It offers statistics and analyses on key topics including income and expenditures, equipment ownership

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  • Shopping centers across Africa – Press article

    Moroccan business news press cites our recently published study on Shopping malls across Africa Click to read full article online:

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  • Grocery retail in Ethiopia (Addis Abeba)

    Our latest report “Grocery retail in Ethiopia” has been published today (August 5, 2013) after several months of research and field studies. In this first edition, we explore Ethiopia’s grocery retail scene and its evolution on the verge of transition from traditional to modern retail. There is strong growth and change in retail and companies

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