• Hotels across Africa (database)

    This database presents a detailed picture of hotels across Africa’s fastest growing cities (28 cities in scope). It supplies key data on 1 400+ existing hotels as well as 150+ projects across the continent. Data covered include: Name, Address, Status, Opening Date, Hotel Type (branded/non-branded), Operator, Brand, Chain, Number of Rooms, Classification, Room Price,… Prime advantages of

    Categories: Egypt - Ghana - Algeria - Angola - Travel & Tourism - Cameroon - Cote d'Ivoire - DR Congo - Equatorial Guinea - Ethiopia - Gabon - Kenya - Libya - Morocco - Mozambique - Nigeria - Rwanda - Senegal - Sudan - Tanzania - Tunisia - Uganda - Zambia - South Sudan

  • e-commerce in Egypt

    This publication presents a detailed description of the e-commerce market in Egypt, including its most distinctive characteristics, current size and prospects for development. It supplies key insights into the landscape and players in the e-commerce sector, including rankings of largest players in the market and forecasts of growth till 2016 in each product and service

    Categories: Consumer - Egypt - Retail & Shopping Malls - Telecom

  • Egyptian e-commerce: A ~76 M USD market in 2012

    Sagaci Research has released a report on the Egyptian e-commerce sector, estimating its revenues at 76 million US dollars by the end of 2012 and with potential to grow 10 fold in the next years. The report aims at shedding new light into a sector where information is sparse. Our analysts have interviewed personally the main market

    Categories: Egypt

  • Grocery retail in Ghana

    This publication presents a detailed description of the grocery retail market in Ghana, including its current status and prospects for development. It supplies foundational macroeconomic, demographic, business and consumer data for 2008-2012 and forecasts for 2013-2018. The market overview is complemented by deep-dives into selected topics such as traditional retailers’ operating models, road-to-markets and key

    Categories: Retail & Shopping Malls - Ghana