• Choppies gets chopped from Botswanan borse

    Botswanan supermarket chain Choppies has missed another deadline to publish its annual results (for the 12 months to June 2018), prompting the Botswanan Stock Exchange (BSE) to suspend trading in its shares. In a statement, the BSE stated that trading in Choppies’ shares “will remain suspended until the company complies with BSE listings requirements or

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  • Gimme shelter

    Traditional retailers in Nakuru County, which is located to the northwest of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, are seeking protection from the growing threat posed by modern formats to their livelihood by means of a ban on the sale of fresh produce in local supermarkets. Hezron Muiri, one of the traders behind this campaign, claimed “The

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  • Empty shelves prompt Zimbabwean government to temporarily lift import ban

    On October 23rd, The Zimbabwean government removed a ban on the importation of basic commodities. The products affected include bottled water‚ cereals and cooking oil. This decision comes in the wake of shortages that had led to panic buying and seen businesses ranging from fast food chain KFC to clothing retailer Edgars temporarily shut their

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  • Nairobi malls feel the squeeze

    There are growing signs of downward pressure on mall rents in the Kenyan capital, with a number of sitting tenants securing rent reductions and prospective tenants being offered rent holidays by landlords “Rental income has come slightly under pressure due to a temporary increase in vacancies, coupled with some tenants bargaining for reduced rentals upon

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  • Adeo parks a tank on Massmart’s lawn

    French Home Improvement giant Adeo opened its first Leroy Merlin store in Africa during late September. The 17,000m² Leroy Merlin store is located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, just a few hundred metres from a Massmart Builder’s Express. Two more Leroy Merlin outlets are currently under construction in South Africa, with a fourth planned for

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  • Mango loves Kenya

    During mid-October, Spanish fast-fashion retailer Mango took to LinkedIn to proclaim “Mango loves Kenya,” revealing that the brand is coming to Nairobi’s Westgate Mall. The store will have a GLA (gross leasable area) of 620m², which will make it the largest Mango outlet in sub-Saharan Africa. The store will adhere to Mango’s new interior design

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  • Sagaci Insights: Putting a number on modern grocery retail sales

    Modern formats, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, will account for 7.5% of grocery retail sales across the whole of Africa in 2018, according to a new study published by Sagaci Research. Defining a “modern” store as one with a sales area of more than 1,000m² or as part of a chain with at least three

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  • Project Watch: Shining a light on solar power demand

    Localised solar power is often touted as a solution to Africa’s unmet energy needs, enabling communities to leapfrog large-scale electricity transmission networks that are expensive to build and maintain (in addition to often being unreliable in many areas) in a manner analogous to how mobile phone networks have superseded fixed-line telephony across much of the

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  • SagaRetail: Tracking the evolution of modern retail in Africa

    Do you want to track the evolution of modern retail in Africa and gain a better understanding of the market positions and strategies of modern retailers (local, regional and international)?

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  • Project Watch: Getting to the root of the matter

    Boosting agricultural productivity is seen by many as key to driving economic development across much of Africa, and Sagaci Research is currently researching this topic across a swathe of the continent for an agribusiness concern. This project builds on a similar study that we conducted for the same client in 2017.

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