This market report and dataset provide a comprehensive country-level overview of modern retail markets in Africa.

Modern formats, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, will account for 7.5% of grocery retail sales across the whole of Africa in 2018, according to a new study published by Sagaci Research.

Defining a “modern” store as one with a sales area of more than 1,000m² or as part of a chain with at least three outlets, this study found that there are now close to 12,000 of these outlets on the continent and that they will have a turnover of more than USD 60 billion during the year.

Modern retail now accounts for at least 10% of grocery retail sales in 12 African countries and 20% in seven (five of which are located in Southern Africa). On the other hand, the market share of modern retail is no more 1% in 20 countries, with Nigeria (0.6%) having one of the lowest penetration rate.

South Africa is by far the largest modern grocery retail market on the continent, accounting for more than half of all sales, followed (in descending order) by Egypt, Morocco, Namibia and Kenya. While some have estimated that modern channels account for up to 30% of the Kenyan grocery retail market, Sagaci Research asserts that the true figure is actually less than 10%.

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This report contains data on the number of modern retail outlets (supermarkets and hypermarkets) and their overall sales for each of the 54 countries in Africa. Data on total grocery retail sales for each country is used to calculate the market share of modern retail.
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Introduction 4
Mature and maturing markets 6
Emerging markets 10
Frontier markets 15
Traditional markets 18
Outlook 24
Conclusions 27
Appendix 29
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Data fields:

Number of stores
Size of grocery market (USD)
Expenditure on food as a proportion of total consumption expenditure (%)
Average store size (m²)
Average sales per m² (USD)
Modern retail sales (USD)
Modern retail market share (%)

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