The decline of Nakumatt has been one of the most significant stories in East African retail over recent years. Once the largest player in the market, with 62 stores in four countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda) and hugely popular with local consumers, it has now been reduced to a rump of seven stores.

An over-ambitious expansion plan, excessive leverage, and large-scale fraud all played a role in its undoing, which is still being played out.

To learn the full story behind the rise and fall of Nakumatt, download Sagaci Research’s free research note!

This free research note analyses the rise and fall of what was once the largest retailer in East Africa


The rise of a retail giant 5
The Nakumatt formula 6
Downfall 8
Can it be saved? 13
Conclusion: A Kenyan Icarus 14
Contacts 15

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