Field Data Collection

Do you require rigorous and timely field data from Africa?

With offices in 15 African cities and a field presence in more than 20 countries, we have more than 2,000 field interviewers and 100 researchers that are ready to meet your needs.


Map of Sagaci Research offices and field presence

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Each field project is a multi-stage process that is supervised by a central team

  • Rigorous methodology
    • Strict random selection of sampling units, proprietary random walk methodology and kish-grid
      based selection of interviewees (where relevant)
  • Comprehensive training and close supervision
    • Extended training of field teams (usually two days) to ensure a high level of understanding for each survey
    • Direct supervision by experienced team coordinators during field work
  • Exhaustive quality control
    • Phone number and e-mail address collected at the end of each interview
    • Surveys audited for completion and quality via random call-backs
    • Interviews conducted with tablet computers that time stamp each response
    • Tablets also record GPS coordinates for each interview
    • Questionnaires without a location or with an incorrect location automatically excluded from the final sample
    • Voice recording of selected questions and answers