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Market Research in Africa

We provide market research services designed for the African continent with international standards in mind.

Our research design is flexible to match your needs and standards are maintained by our methodology leaders within our team (quantitative and qualitative techniques, sample design, U&A studies, product testing, tracker studies, pricing studies, etc).

We cover the African continent with the same standards of execution, allowing for reliable cross country comparability in multi country studies.

We have specific expertise in particular FMCG sectors but have also cover sectors such as: industrial, banking and financial, agriculture, ICT and telecom, real estate, retail and distribution, professional services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, automotive, oil and gas, government and NGOs, among others. Reach out to our team for credentials in your sector.

We take quality of execution very seriously and keep a close and tight control of the whole data collection process, face to face interviews, telephonic surveys, online and qualitative.

Market Research Services

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